Special Financing Details

You're this close to owning your dream car, but you're worried that financing this vehicle is going to prove difficult. Perhaps you're worried about how your credit history may affect your ability to secure proper financing. The good news is, at Berglund Luxury Roanoke, we provide special financing options that help you afford your dream car because we feel that credit troubles of the past should remain exactly that: in the past.

At our Roanoke dealership, the experts in our financing department are prepared for an array of credit scores and financial situations. Whether your credit history is on the short side, or if it's seen better days all together, our financial experts will work tirelessly to find the best solution that puts you in a more advantageous situation.

At Berglund Luxury Roanoke, we understand that your credit history is often influenced by circumstances that are out of your control. Perhaps you've had to complete costly home repairs or pay extraordinary medical bills. Maybe your employment status changed quickly, or life has just handed you a few too many lemons at once. We understand, and we don't believe that these unfortunate events and circumstances should prevent you from driving the car you've always dreamed about.

You can count on our finance professionals to help you find a loan that meets you where you are, and works within your current financial scenario. Our dedicated loan experts will find the best options available to you, and will communicate with you directly to work out the specific details. We promise to deliver clear, direct, and straightforward communication to ensure that you understand and approve of all of the finer points before you sign the dotted line.

Car Loan Help in Roanoke, VA

At Berglund Luxury Roanoke, we know that a credit score or history doesn't truly give a full picture of your potential or your ability to afford a vehicle. When you visit our Roanoke dealership, expect to enjoy top-tier customer service, no matter your financial situation. We will serve you with expertise and respect no matter what.

While our experts work to help you finance the car of your dreams, you can shop through our lineup with confidence. We have an excellent selection of new Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Land Rover, INFINITI, and Jaguar vehicles as well as an impressive inventory of other renowned pre-owned vehicles. With us, you'll find something that perfectly suits your tastes, and our experts will find financing that suits your finances just as well.

Find Special Financing at Berglund Luxury Roanoke

Once your car loan is approved, you can rest assured that your financial forecast will look much sunnier. If you've been experiencing credit woes, making timely payments will help you rebuild your credit to its former glory. When you're ready to take the first steps toward a brighter financial future and a shiny new vehicle to accompany that, start by applying for financing in a few easy steps online.

We all know that credit issues can be a heavy burden to bear, which is why we've taken great care to make our financing process as light and easy as possible. Go ahead and make your dream car a reality, and enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowing you have the best financing available.