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Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service Savings in Roanoke, VA

Oil changes are one of the most frequent steps in car engine maintenance. It is easy enough to stay on top of, though it is not always easy to change your own oil. Changing your oil keeps your engine running at maximum efficiency. Not only does this prevent you from overspending on gas, but it also keeps your car from enduring undue wear. Fortunately for drivers in Roanoke, VA, we offer affordable oil change service at Berglund Luxury Roanoke.

Motor oil is one of the fundamental parts of your car's engine. It keeps the engine cool and picks up tiny particles created when the engine burns fuel. Over time, too much gunk collects in the oil for it to be an effective coolant or cleaner. When this happens, you should change your oil. Failure to replace used motor oil could result in you paying for expensive engine repairs or replacements.

Use the online form to make an appointment for an oil change at Berglund Luxury Roanoke in Roanoke, VA. Our technicians are experienced in taking care of cars to make sure they operate at their best potential. You can rely on them to know what your car needs.

When Do You Need an Oil Change Service?

To figure the optimal schedule for oil changes, consult your car's user manual. Every vehicle operates slightly differently, and the manual will tell you what kind of oil your car needs. Whereas some vehicles can keep running on the same oil for over 3,000 miles, others might need a change every 2,000. The exact mileage depends on your car and how often you drive, as well as how you drive. It can also vary with the type of oil your car needs.

Your mechanic should have placed a sticker on your windshield to tell you when you are due for an oil change the last time you had one, or your car should have an "engine service" light, which is based on the odometer. Note that this is different from a "check engine" light. Remember, frequent oil changes mean infrequent repairs. Your engine relies on oil to function, so reserve an appointment using our online calendar for an oil change in Roanoke, VA.

Schedule an Oil Change Service at Berglund Luxury Roanoke

You do not want to ignore your car's service engine light. You might also want to check your oil about twice a month, to make sure it is not draining on you. If you do not know how to check your oil, our associates will happily show you. They can also explain to you over the phone.

You can contact us with any questions or schedule your service appointment online. When you come to Berglund Luxury Lynchburg for an oil change, you deal with experts who know how to take care of the finest in auto manufacturing. We also offer service specials, so keeping your investment secure does not require you to empty your pockets.